School Sports Programme

Newport Live Sports Development aim is to ensure young people in Newport have access to regular and accessible sport and physical activity opportunities.

This is achieved by working closely with schools, teachers and partners to embed bespoke programmes in each of the eight secondary schools and surrounding primary schools. These participatory opportunities form the foundation of ‘Hooked on Sport’.

Take a look at our brochure to see all the programmes/activities and training opportunities that are available for all primary schools in Newport.

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Education Initiatives


Welsh Baccalaureate 
Newport Live Sports Development provides bespoke support to schools looking to offer innovative ways of delivering the Welsh Baccalaureate. Through the support of a network of staff, we offer a variety of ways for students looking to use Sport and Physical Activity as a way of completing their Community Challenge. These projects allow students to develop or improve a wide range of key skills such as communication, planning, initiative and coping under pressure to name but a few. In addition to developing key skills students will also get the opportunity to achieve industry recognised qualifications alongside their studies. These are essential stepping-stones for individuals looking to progress into the Sport and Leisure industry.

In addition to the benefits gained by the student, the programmes increase the school’s ability to provide regular access to provision aimed at supporting the social, emotional and physical wellbeing needs of the wider student population.


The move from Primary to Secondary education can be a mixture of emotions for pupils. 

Sports Development supports schools in providing a range of programmes that use sport and physical activity as a way of creating a fun and interactive environment. This is achieved through a framework of teambuilding, developing relationships and addressing wellbeing needs of pupils. The work provides support across a multitude of levels helping to support pupils directly but also reducing anxieties and worries of family members.

The programme to date has been highly regarded by many primary and secondary schools at providing an enhancement to existing transition pathways, in addition to being recognised in the 2019 Estyn Inspection of Newport City Council.

In 2018 we worked with St Julian's School on a Transition Support Programme. The project provided a summer-based transition intervention for groups of identified pupils.

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Literacy, Numeracy and Wellbeing 

Sports Development have been instrumental in working with schools to develop interventions that aim to address and tackle a variety of social and emotional needs of pupils. This approach puts the pupil at the centre of the programming whereby working with them as individuals and developing a personal tool kit they can use to apply to a variety of personal and social situations. This is achieved through a variety of workshops, Q and As, 1 to 1s or group support.

A number of events or projects such as Transition camps and the Seamless Learning Pathways event provide a valuable opportunity to highlight the role that sport, and physical activity can play in the development of literacy and numeracy. Pupils are still developing vital competencies while participating in physical activity rather than within the traditional classroom setting.

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